Sunday, 22 January 2012


Currently as it stands right this moment there is over 43 hours of free DVD's and video tutorials of mine on all but 11 1/2 hours that I had totally forgotten about that I did for Filter Foundry a year back are direct links to the streaming video. The filter foundry videos (over 11/2 hours of it !) you do need to join up to filter foundry ....but the video s are free of mine.

There is still at least 2 DVD's I have to upload this week that will add even more serious time to the video content. That's assuming I don't come across any more videos I've forgotten about in the meantime..which I may well do. There are videos all over the internet that I've done over the years, many of which I have either lost track of , deleted or simply forgotten about or can't trace right now. So what's on MudboxLIVE is literally the tip of the iceberg of the videos I've put out.

I am humbled by the reaction to this crazy idea of mine. Its gone little bit viral and is very odd for me to see from the 'inside'. Although part of me finds it disturbing that more people have now seen stuff of mine that is years old than have seen my recent work lol. I do hope everyone bears in mind that a lot of the videos uploaded are very old and do not reflect what I can do as a tutor or an artist right now. The links to MudboxLIVE have been growing exponentially this week, and that just the ones I know be honest I haven't had time to check as I've been too busy.

I normally do not add links to my YouTube video blog to my site as to be honest its sort of my video diary and isn't meant to be taken particularly seriously, but the videos I upped a couple of days ago may explain why I've made all my back catalogue of DVD's available for free and how I personally see the whole thing.I should point out these YouTube videos are normally only intended for friends and are very not safe for work, there is swearing, rather a lot of it in fact. It is also in my 'raw' accent.

So as of right now I'm going to have the 1st day off of the year so far. I'm going to be doing some serious relaxing. Enjoy the videos.......