Thursday, 1 March 2012

Finally can show this a month and a half after I finished it

This is actually the Sanjay who runs the corner shop near me ;)

As the next issue of 3D Artist magazine is now on sale I can finally show this model I did a month and a half back. You may remember seeing a couple of early work in progress shots before it was pointed out that actualy I wasn't allowed to show it in this particular case before publication. Its safe to say that after that it went a bit further onwards.

It nearly drove me nuts having to sit on this for a month and a half and it was also one of the reasons I did the last wanted to show how something along similar lines (hence why they both have a jumper on....) Oh and there's a tutorial of mine in there as well.

Done using mudbox and 3dmax

So enjoy...

an iteration with no jumper