Saturday, 21 April 2012

Anomaly: Zero to Complete Still in 60 mins

I normally leave people wondering what I'm going to do for my lectures, often I just give the vaguest of hints in advance.  I'm breaking it this time   I'm going to recreate this image from the top down on 60 mins from start to end. 

 I'll be doing it for my lecture at Anomaly on Saturday 28th April in Vancouver. My mateDanny John Jules has give me permission to use the bike model I made for his upcoming  film 'Bucky'. The model fitted the scene perfectly and added a somewhat dark overtone to a otherwise cheerful scene.   (The image is entitled 'Missing'.... )

 This is my 'rough' version to tweak placements / ideas etc.   After my lecture I'll be sculpting and demoing from 6pm till just before midnight.  So for those going I'll see you there.