Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mudbox Hard Surface Sculpting

Finally some art today as opposed to just typing about other stuff.   Something I was messing around with today as sort of a practice exercise, the idea was to sculpt al the mech parts from the base mesh with no retop or extractions. (The only parts that are separate meshes are the teeth, tongue and arms....everything else was sculpted from a low res mesh.)

It's a good exercise as people often take a short cut these days, especially if they are using Zbrush and extract the shit out of the base mesh into a load of seperate parts making life so much easier. however, easy is NOT what I want from a practice sculpt... The idea is to make life as uncomfortable as possible.
I've included a quick render and the turntable from Mudbox so you can see how I ran out of ideas once I got below waist level lol.

BTW the upper body rough sillhoutte was taken from a very old Doctor Who monster...if you noticed it was a blatant ripping of the sea devils sillhoute then you get a bonus point. ;)