Tuesday, 7 August 2012

60 min Textured Practice sculpt

Here's a quick 60 minute practive sculpt.  Yes I still practice and will do until the day I die probably.  The aim for this was to sculpt a head with 1/4 million polys or less.  I also stuck a diffuse, specular and bump maps on it.  I cheated with the eyebrows and did them in post in photoshop, as people without eyebrows look a bit freaky to me, although I did screw the mouth up a bit on this for some odd reason lol. 

The reason for the self imposed quarter of a million poly limitis a simple one.  I belive in never wasting a single polygon as they all add up.  The more you can squeze that last bit of detail and form out of a sculpt..the better.  I'vge been doing this poly limited practice routine on and off for over ten years now.

So it's not a serious sculpt, just a doodle done without refs for practice thats all.

Still waiting on olympics stuff, now if I was a betting man I'd say they are going to make us all wait until after the entire olypics is finnished and then pass it out (by then it ceases to be 'news' of course...this may or may not be on purpose ;) )

If your doing some FXPHD courses this term check out the bachground fundementals video week 4 which Mike Seymour uses some of my stuff to explain the ins nand outs of displacement, vector displacement and UV mapping.