Sunday, 26 August 2012

Beavering away

Yes time to drag the cathedral out again.
Started this about 5 years back, thus making it longest model to be recoverd out of mothballs
As I've been quietly working away on stuff for my next reel, I thought I'd show a few images of stuff that's both going to make it, and stuff that isn't.  Although I won't make a final decision on anything until I've got everything rendered out, both that I'll use and not use.

Although I am now after 3 weeks of rendering stuff out getting very sick of seeing my models go round and around lol.   Now usually this is the point that I start getting bored and do crazy stuff that people don't usually put in their demo reels, like the intro 'profile' stuff on the old Autodesk masters reel, or the hand sculpted environment stuff on the last one.  its anyone's guess if I will keep it sane and sober or start doing off the wall stuff lol.  

Wish I could lose weight...but not this much.

 Although judging by my latest work in progress I may well be starting  to edge towards the latter. (yes he will be in a ballet pose in the reel lol).  he actualy was at one point going to be my version of 'Mr Hyde' but thought 'hey ya know what? I'm always doing scary shit, so lets try something a bit less scary this time' lol.   Although a brute in a ballet tutu may still be its own special kind of scary on  several levels actually.

Go on laugh in his face, I dare ya lol

There is of course time for me to trash the whole damn lot and start over (it wouldn't be the first time I did that).  I'm trying to make sure  for once I do not rush anything so nothing shown here is 100% done with the exception of the cathedral.