Thursday, 15 August 2013

Prize Winners Have a Peek behind the curtain

I work on all sorts of things both artistically, R & D wise and programming wise that never ever see's the light of day, (or it can be a fair few years until they do).  Some time ago I had a little mini competition on Facebook to see who could share my short 'Monsters' the fastest.  It was a draw between 2 guys, Pete Steiner & Adrian Wise.  So there I was for over a month trying to work out a prize that would be interesting and unique for them.  So it came down to two things, and I thought I'd send them both :)

The first is the unreleased text from the Mudbox book I was writing back in 2009, its never seen the light of day, was never finished and never will see the light of day in that form.  Secondly is a special video with a 'peek behind the curtain' of something I have had in development for a while. (I think its seriously fucking cool BTW).  It seemed to be far more interesting to give a prize that was unique than just something simple like a DVD or a model.

Both Adrian and Pete have been told to keep these to themselves so don't go asking or pestering them please.   Maybe one day I'll restart the mudbox book.... although I've been saying that to myself for years.