Thursday, 5 September 2013

Mudbox + Modo

Eat something you skinny old bastard!

I spent last night finishing this guy off from a month of two back in Mudbox and then trying to replicate my usual 3Ds Max scene file and shader set up in Modo.  I managed it pretty easily although I do want to add a bit more subsurface to the shader setup next time I use it.  Modo runs on my Macbook better than Maya does, As 3Ds max doesn't run naively on a mac I thought I'd use Modo on it as it as its always nice to expand your skill set.   

On other news I'm on re-adding some features I added to MudWalker while I was working at screen scene for the next release.  So there will be a release for Mudbox 2014 soon (ish), if I have time I may add the 1st mac version as well.  It will have one feature that no one else has that was always intended to be included but couldn't as it was impossible to test at the time.  Suddenly it will make the whole 'one click' workflow thing make a whole lot more sense.  I fully expect everyone and his dog to then rip the idea off wholesale lol.