Friday, 4 October 2013

Main Site Changes

You may have noticed that the main site front page has a few minor changes and links to some of the other things that I do.  Over the years I have repeatedly been advised not to have anything other than my 3D stuff on my website.  The reasons have ranged from 'people might get confused', to 'it makes me angry to come to a 3D site and see non 3D stuff, there fore I must shout at you'.

So after a long hard think, and the fact that many people only know of one section of what I do I decided to say basically 'screw it' and put all the things that I do onto one site.  Now I'm sure people are actually intelligent enough to only look at the things I do that interest them without their brains exploding.  I like to credit people who are either clients or just interested and enjoy my art with enough common sense for it to be a non issue for them.

Now this is stage one of the site changes, there will be more a little further down the road and probably a full redesign and extra art content added. I have also linked to all the videos I have for free on as well.  My guess is that anyone who does have a problem, probably has bigger problems with me than just what is on my bloody website for whatever reason.

So hopefully many of you appreciate that for once it'd be nice to show all the things I do in a lot of often unconnected areas.  At the end of day day when you get right down to it, DashDotSlash isn't a site about 3D...its about me and I am more than just 3D models.

It worried me slightly that there are now people who know me for one thing, but have no idea of the other things, so there can be people who use my plugins, scripts and apps that have no idea I am a freelance professional artist.  In the same way there are people who like listening to the music I make who have no idea I am a 3D guy.