Monday, 28 December 2015

New painting: Blues Legend Robert Johnson (Commission)

Its been a fair old while since I updated my blog, but alas a lot of what I am doing work wise at the present time I cant actually mention.  So there's not a whole lot to talk about.  I was asked to do the above painting as a commission for Ste Hall as a present for his wife Juliette (Ste and Juliette run The Turf favorite bar on earth).

On other news I still haven't watched the Fantastic 4 film I worked as lead lighting artist on ... although my children have bother requested it and a blue ray of it is now in the house.  So I may not be able to resist much longer. (I rarely watch anything I have worked on or play any games I ave contributed to either... usual a personal thing as I find all you end up doing is remembering the crazy stories etc from when you were working on said thing. :) )  So if I can avoid watching something I've worked on...I usually do...although in this case I may not be able to manage that without my kids being disappointed lol.

My review of my year (such as its been) will be up at some point before new years eve.