Tuesday, 31 December 2019

So what have I actually achieved in the last ten years?

So after yesterdays blog post I got thinking.....what did I actually achieve in the 10 years from January 2010 to 31st December 2019? So here we go in no particular order.

Still one of my favorite photos of me lecturing
  1. My work seen at the London 2012 Olympics by a third of the planet (I will never have my work hit as many people ever again.)
  2. Taught and lectured all over the world from Las Vegas, to Vienna Science Academy to Berlin to Iceland (the country not the supermarket lol), Sweden and beyond.
  3. I worked at the top of the tree in both Film VFX and computer games with highlights being MPC Montreal and Rockstar North in Edinburgh. as Lead lighting artist and Senior Environment artist respectively.
  4. I worked for 2 1/2 years for Chaos Group on the documentation for many version of VRay, responsible for a great many of the examples across multiple platforms.
  5. I provided 46 1/2 hours of free video training (I stopped counting in 2012... so its probably a lot higher now). Released a lot of paid tutorials on subject from sculpting to environment techniques to The Unreal Engine.
  6. I had 2 strokes, 2 complete mental breakdowns and had to deal for once with my long standing clinical depression.  I did and I'm glad I managed it.
  7. Many articles for trade magazines (I used to enjoy writing them until the mudbox star started to lower in the sky.)
  8. Wrote all sorts of apps and plugins with the most famous being MudWalker which was then cloned a million times often by people who didnt realise where it started  (and its now a standard feature in most workflows.) Shame I never made a penny from it lol.  Also my app Reducto which I've had in mothballs now for a number of years.  There was also of course the vector displacement shader I wrote....and so many scripts etc for clients and places I've worked
  9. You name it and I've probably sculpted it or modelled it at some point for a client.   Although I sculpt a lot less thee days and not as a rule for 'fun' as I used to.
  10. my 'crazy expreiments' such as project sureat and the facial mocap system I made were all fun and cutting edge at the time.
  11. Done all sorts of stuff for clients all over the world in all sorts of fields fom medicine to film, games to architecture and just about everything its possible to make a 3D model for or light or render .
  12. I released a shit pile of albums in the 2010's.  Before this the last albums I'd put out were in the early 90's.  I've put out 7 from 2012, with a classical album I've been working on since 2012 and a few others 'in the pipe'.
  13. Worked on films (more than I can say due to NDA's) and a fair bit of TV stuff (with another debuting in the new year).
  14. I made the animated short 'Monsters!' in June 2013 on a single machine.  It had a somewhat heavy message.
  15. I got married.
  16. I killed off my sucessful YouTube series of  'Waynecasts'.  Mainly as the exagerated version of me in the videos was getting mixed up for the real me.  I often think about resurrecting them in some way.
  17. 7.8 million views on videos of mine on Youtube and Vimeo.
  18. I started painting on canvas again and have sold my paintings to a few countries.  It provides a nice balance to the art I did in the digital world.  I still take on commissions
  19. I wrote and relased a mobile game in a single day when I ws bored. Called Flappy Dildo (a rip off of flappy birds) it was released and banned from the Google Play Store in less than an hour. Something I am strangely proud of lol.
  20. I went from just playing guitar to playing, mandolin, Banjo, Piano, Bass, Ukelele, 3 and 4 string cigar box guitar and I'm currently learning another instrument. I find it keeps my brain sharp.
  21. I released the Nuke for 3D artists video series for free.
  22. I've taught not only artist who woprk in the industry now, but the ones who taught the guys that taught them.  I've helped form 3D courses at various universities over the years... which isnt bad for a numpty from Consett.
  23. I've lived in more countries than I care to count for work  with notable entries being Montreal, Dublin & Edinbugh.
  24. I've been doing 3D now for about 25 years (ish) which is more than half my life.  Somehow I am still not a millionaire lol
  25. I've done more models and speed sculpts than I care to count.
  26. I wrote for a long time under my pen name on subjects outside of 3d and art and made quite a name for myself until I stopped. I plan on starting again.

There's probably a million things I am missing out here.... but not too bad really.  Lets see what (if anything) I achieve in the next ten years.  I honestly have no clue what ahead or any big masterplan other than keep enjoying what I do and try to make enough to eat and buy musical instruments etc.