Tuesday, 28 April 2020

New music video: Locked Up, Down, In & Out

So yep a third music video for a song, this time one I wrote myself. All instruments are played by me, recorded by me, mixed by me and the music video is by... yes you guessed it! By me! LOL (Not that there is a lot of options while in lockdown on day 32.)

Every shot in this video has a meaning, it contains a complex puzzle... as a clue keep an eye on the doors and windows (and maybe a few other things). There may also be a couple of bits where I take a sideways glance at the world. It concerns where we are as a world right now and where we may end up if we are not very, VERY careful.

It sounds deceptively easy to play when in actuality it was a massive pain in the arse. Originaly the 12 string was in an Open C tuning... but that was near impossible to play with by any of the other instruments they way I wanted them to sound. So I changed the whole thing to an Open D tuning.... 1st take of the 12 string was spot on...but matching to it was NOT easy at all.

It went through a weird journey really... it started out sounding like Led Zep 3 area Led Zeppelin...then morphed into late 80's Bon Jovi...then back into a Led Zep thing...the Hurdy Gurdy drone note was added at the very last minute as I felt it was missing something, but wasn't sure what. Then insperation struck.

For those interested in the specifics the instruments used were:

A Hurdy Gurdy I 'borrowed' from my brother about 6 months back and never returned

A 12 string hand made Jim Deacon 12 string acoustic guitar

A 6 String Faith 'Naked' Venus 6 string acoustic

An Ozark Mandolin

All were recorded using a C1 condenser mic. The whole thing was done as usual on a budget of nothing using only what I had lying around on drives etc.

I am also sculpting again 'for me' for the 1st time in anout 7 or so years with any enthusiasm! I promise I will show some of the stuff I've been sculpting 'just for me' (ie not for clients) soon.