Sunday, 25 March 2012

Disaster ....

First off I have to say in all honesty that this last few days have been not exactly fantastic. But as with anything , you can gaurentee when things are busiest and going far too well (all be it with an impending deadline) shit will go wrong somehow. Its known as 'paddy's law' in these parts... 'if something can go will'. There is also 'Wayne's ammended version' which goes "If something can go wrong it will...if it can't, then it will still find a way to fuck you over right royally'.

I was banging onwards with the texturing stage of the cathedral complex (complex in both name and nature) when in the spaceof 24 hours 1st my main PC went down...then my laptop went down. The PC was due to the CPU dying, the laptop...weel, thats any buggers guess. (To be honest I'm not even thinking about getting that fixed till the cathedral is done).

This leaves only my son's laptop I bought back in 2009 and little more than a calculator on modern terms and certainly never in a milion years capable of loading the cathedral complex max file. Then there is my wifes pc which I dare not touch on pain of death as each time I do something screws up, so best bet is to leave her to it lol.

So PC wise I'm sort of screwed until a new pc arrives so I can finish the cathedral model and scene's. Now luckily in a moment of madness I had bought an ipad the day before, while I can't do meaningful 3d on it, it does mean I could get in touch with Mike Seymour over at FXPHD and say 'shits gonna be late'. Also Mike was nice enough to forward some payment long before due to ease things buying a new PC (as suprise suprise...I don't budget for a new pc every week or laptop repairs lol. )

Mike's an absolute diamond for that and means that I just have to wait for the thing to be delivered. Of course there will be the usual 2-3 days to reset things up then I'm good to go again. now this isn't my scheduled 'upgrade' this year, just a mild one to get this model and its scenes done and out the door. So being to all intents and purposes 'offline' is driving me crazy, although oddly enough when I am away working on site somewere it never does if there is no internet in the hotel. So yep thre may be a short delay till the next FXPHD class but then its all systems go and 'ahead warp factor 10 Mr Sulu'.

Yes some files havebeen lost but I do have some backups so its not as bad as it could have been thank whatever passes for a god in this universe.