Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mudbox: Voice operated

"What if you never had to remember hotkeys"

"What if something actually did as you told it to?"

"What if you could get rid of the entire interface for an app?"

You know every now and again I have an urge to do something crazy while waiting on a render or such like. Occasionally I come up with a pretty nice idea such as 'Waynes Vector Displacement shader' (which was the 1st for mental ray), or MudWalker (which spawned a host of clones) or things I never got around to releasing such as ReDucto my own uniqiue polygon reduction algorythm .

youtube link in case other one is blocked in your country

I also come up with some crap no one see's and is of no use to anyone but me.... so which is this idea? I'll let you decide. What I will say is yes this video is real and I am operating mudbox by voice control alone. Its very easy to do (I'm suprised no one has done it up till now to be honest), and is intended to augment my usual sculpting workflow so I can maximise screen space and get rid of all the menus when working or lecturing. That is its only purpose.... plus it can be expanded to other apps.

As Mudbox 2013's feature set was announced today I thought it seemed as good a time as any to show this. Even more so as this only took about an hour to get running and working 99.9% from initial idea. So it could be something you as an artist find nothing more than a 'toy' or maybe you can see how it frees up things to concentrate on the sculpting and texturing. But in the words of the Oracle from the matrix films "You'll just have to make up your own damn mind".

What you can't hear as you can only hear it over my headphone's, is on mudbox start up you hear a certain voice saying 'what is thy bidding my master?' lol.