Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mudbox Hub: CLOSED

Mudbox Hub is now closed after 5 years.

As of tonight I have closed the forum I started back in 2008 Mudbox Hub. I had handed its day to day running over to Cris from but Cris had neither the time or mudbox experience to keep it a vibrant place (as he was too busy with his own business understandably). As such it had been on a downhill slide for a while and was dying that slow death that forums do when they cease to be as active.

So rather than see it die a horribly slow death, I have killed it tonight, it now forwards to where there is over 46 Hours of my videos and DVD's for free with no adverts or forums to run or sidetrack you. As these days most digital sculptors use or can use more than one app I feel a dedicated forum is no longer needed and can be in some cases overly divisive between artists.

As Mudbox 2013 has just been announced it also gives it a clean start with no external forum interference. (This also saves me about 10 gigs of server space lol.)