Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Beta Testers Needed

OK I'm going to need a few beta testers as I'm halfway through an update that will remove the need to deactivate UAC on windows to get ReDucto from working for some people.  As there has been a few studios interested in using it  / testing to out and of course the last thing they want to be doing is disabling UAC & antivirus just for ReDucto I'm half way through an updated version to touch wood solve this.

Here the criteria I need:

1 - you must have a machine that has UAC enabled
2 - Have had UAC related issues with the ReDucto or MudWalker release
3 - You are running an anti virus as also going to try and crack the false positive thing as well.
if you want to test the update drop me an email at with "ReDucto Beta" in the subject line.

Also I'll be be starting working on posting both MudWalkerX and Reducto to linux in the next few days or so feel free if you want to beta test the linux versoin of either. ...and dont worry both will remain free.