Monday, 14 May 2012

ReDucto & MudWalkerX Now Available for Download

MudWalkerX   ReDucto have both been made available for download and use free at the above link.  There are also some video help files on the site as well, although you are STRONGLY encouraged to read the help files as not everything is covered in the videos.
as well as what was in the promo video I have added some extra little features you were not expecting:
  • ·         A interop between Mudbox and Zbrush
  • ·         Zbrush users can now make full use of ReDucto (as can Maya, 3DsMax and Softimage Users)
  • ·         video showing how to add any app with scripting or an SDK in about 2 very easy lines of code anyone can do.
  • ·         A third totally different hybrid poly reduction algorithm of mine 'WeaponX'

MudWalker Features:

  • Send back and forth to many supported applications (including scene update as well)
  • 'NoQuarter' A Voxel grid based polygon reduction with 9 easy to use auto settings
  • Export selected faces/parts of your models or all of them (This can be used for easy model to 3d print parts workflow)
  • Take all models in scene to their lowest subdivision level
  • Take all models in the scene to their highest subdivision level
  • Create a complete Multi Application project file structure if you wish
  • Easy to add unsupported applications
  • Send to Mudbox & Export to ReDucto from Zbrush
  • Start ReDucto out of the box from 3DsMax, Maya & Softimage
  • 'WeaponX' hybrid polygon reduction (think of it as a hybrid of ReDucto and NoQuarter, with the speed of the latter and very nearly the quality of output of the former)

ReDucto Features:

  • Unique Polygon Reduction Algorithm using its own AI that works out how best to reduce the polycount of your mesh created especially for digital sculpts. It gives better results that anything around currently.
  • Intelligent hole filling capable of filling 'impossible holes' other apps will reject
  • Industrial strength tri stripping and un-stripping
  • Bake Ambient Occlusion and Normal map data direct to your mesh at vertex level
  • Mesh merging of high polycount datasets
  • Find and Fix problems in your mesh such as rogue vertex, non planar faces many, many more
  • Face, edge and vertex optimisation to enable faster loading times
  • 3 types of subdivision not found in most applications
  • Customisable interface configurations
  • ReDucto is a standalone separate application and as such is totally application agnostic

Some extras you get as well:

  • A drag and drop file viewer with support for many file types for fast reviewing of models
  • 'Mudbox Backup' This simple exe will back up every setting in all versions of Mudbox installed on your machine into one place for easy restoring should the preference files become corrupt. Brushes, materials, hotkeys...everything
  • Save and restore all Mudbox settings in one click
All made available for free on the stipulation that I do not get any emails for tech support / requests for features / complaints you got abducted by aliens due to MudWalker or ReDucto. If you are a company please send me a courtesy email notifying you are using either ReDucto or MudWalkerX.  It will cost you nothing.
As many people requested it I had added a donate button on the site for those that want to, but there is no obligation to.