Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lighting storm causes 5Dmk2 (MC) damage

 This cloud brought electrical death!

I normally don't put photography stuff on my blog, but as this is such an interesting story and also a cautionary tale I felt just this once I was allowed.   Just after dinner this evening we had a massive storm right over our house.  Now as I'd just got delivery of my 5D Mk2 about 3 days beforehand I thought this would be the perfect chance to use it (I've been too busy with work the rest of the time).

So off I went outside with my wife and daughter (who had never seen a storm or lightning before) and started filming and taking photos.  I didn't think too much about it, even when a massive crack of lightning happened and my camera flickered like I had just shorted out the battery or something.  I kept filming and caught some amazing footage of a lighting storm about as close as you ever want to get. 3 inches of rain fell in a little over a minute and a half.  The worst storm I've seem here since the Epic consett lightning storm of 1995 that fried electrics over a 2 mile radius. (anyone local around at the time remembers it well!)

So after it had passed I rushed to my computer to download everything...only to find that the storm had screwed up my brand new Scandisk memory card (that cost £90 as it washigh speed and intended for video).  I got a handful of photos off it but the camera and the card kept giving errors.  Finally I stuck the card directly into the slot in my main PC and started a recovery process...followed by recovering corrupt unfinished MOV files.   

The video above shows what I could recover from the storm footage up to the moment it all went 'pair shaped guv'.

Now I have to admit being scared shitless of testing my camera again in case it screwed that up as well. It took me a fair old while to round up the money to spare that I could spend on it (as my rule is only money I make selling stuff or paid directly into ebay gets used for my camera stuff.)

So I am putting off testing the 5D at the moment..that going down only days after I bought it would be to horrible to contemplate. (although par for the course with the epic bad luck I usually have).
Weirdest of all... the storm also shutdown every single mobile phone in our house, all unplugged and fully charged.  I've no idea why...answers on a postcard please.  But anyway here's the video I caught such as it is (with unfortunately the best parts missing with epic sheet and fork lighting.)