Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Onwards and ...well onwards

I'm sitting here just doing the final stuff on the contract I've been working on for a client for a month.  Hopefully sometimes in the next couple of months I'll be able to show and go into detail about what I've been doing and what for.  So now it's back to hunting down freelance gigs and firstly having a bit of 'doodle time' for the next week as this jobs been full on long hours for a month now and it'll be nice to get some time back to 'have a life' again lol.

Yesterday I finally got the 5D Mk2 DSLR I've wanted for 2 years now, so also I'll have a bit of time to play around with that as well.  although its less for 'DSLR film making' and more for project related stuff.  (Although that's not to say I won't be testing out the video features lol).
I'm also REALLY looking forward to saving an archive copy of what I've done and then deleting the other 125gig of incremental saves lol.   So it's back to what passes for normal and enjoying not having to be within phone answering distance stuck at home.  

On my list of stuff 'To Do' is to do a Linux compile  / port of MudWalkerX and ReDucto, do some opening titles for a TV Show and try and get around to putting together stuff for my next demo reel, although as usual the biggest problem will be actually rendering it out on a single pc.  It's ironic that more people now have scenes I've came up with as part of the FXPHD classes I've gave in their reels than I do. but still...I've got to smile at that.

So now if you'll excuse me, I have a bit of speed sculpting I want to doodle on with....