Sunday, 9 June 2013

My Album 'Fat Funky Bastard' - Full Free and Legal

My nights at the Twisted Pepper in Dublin may be showing on this lol

My second album that I have been recording over the last twelve month, is more 'Electronic' and more club friendly.  Fat Funky Bastard was recorded mostly while I was living in Dublin while working at screen scene on the film Last Days on Mars. All but the last couple of tracks were recorded there at 'Apartment 12'.  Some people working there with me at the time may be able to deduce what was going on at work by the titles if they are clever.

Some have rather controversial meanings if you can work out the knotted spaghetti that is my mind such as The Jonestown Massacre that features vocal samples with the murdering bastard himself 'the reverend Jim Jones' to prove exactly how easy it is to twist words.  Others have deeper meaning that may allude anyone but me.... but if the tunes fine then it doesn't mater. ;)   If your interested, I was imagining a sort of 'tarantino-eque' vibe or this one by the way. While 'Kill he Batman' is an attempt to put into music what is going through my head while I sculpt (although not actually killing batman or any other well known superhero lol)

In case your wondering.... the 'Fat Funky Bastard' referred to in the title and the title track is me.   The photo that I used for the cover (as I couldn't be arsed to make a special one...and the 'alternative idea' as a for it to feature a picture of my arse), was taken one  took  a greasy spoon near Stephens green in Dublin to check my camera one Sunday.

There are all sorts of styles and bastard hybrids of electronic music on here.

Again all songs are composed by me, recorded by me, performed by me and I did all mixing adn engineering (as usual). Think of it as a distilled ego trip by a world class control freak lol.

I make my music free as its not done to make money from and I do it to relax and unwind. But all rights are reserved and copyright Wayne Robson 2013, if you want to use it for any reason then drop me an email and I'll probably be fine with it. (Unless its for use as the soundtack to a martian donkey porn film. lol)