Sunday, 9 June 2013

My Classical Music Album 'Adoramus Vertexium' Full Free and Legal

'1/2 'Proper classical', 1/2 metal and 1/2 crazy shit

I thought it easier to link both of the two album I have wrote and recorded over the last twelve months in two posts with a single player direct from my soundcloud.  I think of this album as having  halves (lol), as its half 'proper' classical compositions I have wrote peformed and recorded half rock and metal stuff and half crazy stuff.
Again all songs are composed by me, recorded by me, performed by me (apart from the classical vocal bits) even the damn album are work is by me.  Think of it as a distilled ego trip lol.  Although hopefully it show there is a little bit more to me than just being 'Mudbox guy'.

I make my music free as its not done to make money from and I do it to relax and unwind. But all rights are reserved and copyright Wayne Robson 2013, if you want to use it for any reason then drop me an email and I'll probably be fine with it.  (Unless its for use as the soundtack to a martian donkey porn film lol)