Thursday, 14 November 2013

2nd Commercial Album release: 'Inferno of Bullshit'

Buy it now!  (or ait until it show sup on Spotify if your Broke lol)

Now I'm not sure if 2 albums coming out for commercial release in 3 days is a sign of insanity, a midlife crisis or just common sense. I'm going to go with the latter as all 3 of the albums that will be released before years end are linked.

Inferno of Bullshit is a bit more controversial in its content, while its not full of swearing like a lot of 'Fat Funky Bastard' is, it tackles some themes that some people might find offensive.   Musically there are songs on there that were recorded about 17 years back that I have remastered and remixed, mixed with recent stuff.

So there's everything from songs about religion and its use by some as a tool of control, to racism, homelessness, governments love of control to peoples need to achieve something and leave something behind after they are gone.

Music wise this is a hybrid album of more than one style of music, we have hardcore mellow jazz, electronic hybrid styles, blues, almost folk sounding stuff along with heavy metal and some electronic stuff thrown in for good measure.  While  all three albums will work as a 'set' with the (as yet) unreleased classical album 'Ballad of Jonas Scrim' being the soundtrack to the script in my head, 'Fat funky bastard is what the son of Jonas listens to when trying to find his father, and this album is more what that word is like.  Consider it a slightly sideways glance at our own.   A world where religious leaders have turned to manipulating the populous instead of helping them, where the homeless are killed and rasicm is rife.  not a pretty place, but at times not far from our own.

The track I expect to possibly cause the most issues is 'Jonestown Massacre (Wayne V's the Rev Jim Jones).  Jim Jones of course was teh alternative cult leader who convinced an entire town to poison themselves. I took actual recordings of his 'sermons' and then did to him what he did to the religous texts he was supposed to be basing his sermons on. I cut them up and made whole new sermons saying things that he never said in his life.  But lets be clear that his is not an attack on religion, but ratjher on people who use any  heartfelt subject as a method of control.

All pretty heavy stuff, and far away for the happy stuff I normally put on my blog. But I would like to think that both other artists and clients can distinguish between the 3d side and the music side. (Although to me music is just sculpting using sound anyway, as pretentious as that sounds).

So next up will be the classical concept album 'The Ballard of Jonas Scrim'...the one I consider (if I have such a thing musically) as my masterpiece, as it has taken about 17 years to make.