Tuesday, 12 November 2013

My 1st commercial music album released on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify (and 2 more on the way)


Some of you know that I have been playing and writing music for a looooooong time.  For many years I kept it private and then stopped all together for a period of about 8 years.   Last night at 7.11pm (on the 11th day of the 11th month...seriously you couldn't make that shit up) my 1st commercial album was released 'Fat Funky Bastard'

I have to say the 16 year old version of me still hidden away in my head is rather pleased that my first album comes with the parental advisory notice lol.  This is the 1st of 3 albums over the coming days / weeks that I am releasing.

But lets cover a bit more about them:

Fat Funky Bastard (The electronic album)

Written and recorded over a period of two weeks a few months back, it also contains a couple of tracks off my next album on there as well.  All Three albums while different styles of music all live in the same 'universe' and revolve around the next album 'The Ballard of Jonas Scrim' .  So Fat Funky Bastard is the music Jonas's son listens to.

This is a very personal album for me as its covers a lot of my background and personal history, some very obvious, some not so obvious and some very much harder to work out.   So the songs are a journey on what went into making 'me' the person I am today.

The album is available on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Spotify

and getting released very soon:

The Ballad of Jonas Scrim (The Classical Concept album)

I started writing the music to go along with a script I started writing back about 1992 or 1995, it then sort of went into stasis for 8 years until I started to finish it off last year and this.

This is hardcore 'proper' classical music and is my most complex work to date.  This is the one I am most proud of.   It accompanies the script about the story of a character called Jonas Scrim, a traditional sculptor who has serious mental health problems.   He goes missing and his son spends the next 20 years trying to find him.  I'll go into more details once this ones released some times before CAVE / AU in Vegas.  So while 'Fat Funky Bastard is what Jonas son listens to in his car when hunting for his father, this is the music that would in theory company the script itself.

Inferno of Bullshit (The Hybrid Album)

This is a weird one and contains a lot of songs in a variety of different styles and some potentially offensive subject  matter.  This accompanies the other two albums and  expands a little about the world Jonas and his Son live.  Which is a sort of side on view of our own.

Its got everything from hardcore jazz and blues to metal and more experimental combinations. I wont spoil it though.

Basically go and buy it (or if your broke listen to the first one on spotify).  Just remember...play it loud!