Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Ripper Street 'Phossy Jaw' Shot

Its not often that I am involved in a shot that I am 100% happy with, I have pretty high standards for my professional work and while there is never enough time on any project, sometimes things go very right.

For this big reveal shot (and one that made a lot of people squirm) myself, John O Connell and Joe Courtis really pulled out our A game as far as I am concerned. 3D Tracking was by the 'terminator of tracking' Mr Yanko Slavov. (Who I was most remiss in forgetting!)    If you missed the shot then I should be able to share it publicly once the breakdowns have been done after this series of ripper street finishes.  The VFX Sup was Ed Bruce here at screen scene.

But suffice to say its one of those few 'cool' shots that you get to do where there is enough time and everyone is mentally in the right place.   I hope you all enjoyed it. if you missed it or dont live in england, then you'll have to wait until my next reel then :)