Sunday, 8 December 2013

Vegas went well

one of about 200 photos I took

I had a wonderful time in Las Vegas at Autodesk University / Cave and took part in a live stream lecture for 3 December as well while I was there. There's actually a funny story around that last one. I had spent a week trying to fit a full breakdown of the ripper street 'Phossy Jaw' shot from episode 4  into my 15 min slot.  I managed it the morning of the lecture (which yes was cutting it a wee bit fine!)  Now as I was the least lecturer up to demo , as someone had over ran, Shawn whispers in my ear (with about 3 seconds before I am ready to go on air) 'can you cut it down to 10 mins?' Never one to turn down a challenge I of course said 'sure no problem' and so all script went out the window and if it seemed a bit rushed that was why :)  The video of it is still available on the 3 December section of the Autodesk area site for those interested. (Watch my face and you'll see me probably pretty clearly thinking on my feet lol..)  I was also sure to make sure everyone who had worked on the shot got credit for their work as no man is an island.

Jeff Mottle and Kim Lee

I met many friends both old and new, and it was nice to catch up with Paul Neale, Neil Blevins, Neil Hazzard and Daniel Pero again as well as meeting many others I had either only met online such as Craig Barr, Rick Champagne etc or had never met before such as Kim Lee (Who's life has been scarily close to my own!)  I put a few videos up on YouTube while I was there which I sure you can all hunt out by yourselves without me linking to them.
Me and Craig Barr (I'm not really 4 feet tall, Craig's just really tall lol

My main lecture went well covering a new way for creating digital doubles in no more than 24 hours, and I was happy to have a very receptive audience who didn't mind a few swear words lol.  I also covered a little from the film last days on mars that I worked as 3D Sup on in passing that I wont be able to show probably til about April.

  Now as luck would have it, within ten minutes of walking through my front door I came down with a virus, although lets face it the timing could have been far worse.   At least it means I will not be tempted to work through my rest week like I usually do.

So special thanks to Autodesk and Shawn Hendricks for inviting me over to Vegas and Hopefully we can do it again some time soon.