Wednesday, 3 December 2014

New Painting: Demon (Workflow 3Ds Max to Mudbox to Canvas experiment)

Something a bit different for this painting (i.e. something that doesn't exist).  I wanted to test a new workflow for my paintings that will allow me to combine the skills I already have in 3D and digital sculpting with my painting.  The idea is very simple and involves basically sculpting your own reference image.

A I am still without a Wacom tablet, it was a matter of taking an ancient model of mine (that autodesk used in a couple of demos if memory serves) doing a bit of mouse sculpting mudbox and then lighting it in mudbox and using the screen capture as my reference.

This should open up a whole new world for me in my paintings once I have a bloody Wacom tablet again.  So please treat this painting as what it is...a experiment only. (You could nearly put this under the heding 'Waynes Crazy Experiments' in fact LOL).

For those interested in technical stuff, the canvas is 60cm x 50cm and painted in acrylics (as usual as oils take way too long to dry for this impatient old bastard.) using a 'drizzle / drop by drop technique....which takes fucking ages but is worth it I feel. I might do a few tweaks to it tomorrow if I feel it needs it when viewing with fresh eyes.