Monday, 1 December 2014

Wayne's Crazy Experiments: Google cardboard

Click on image to get full size 4k pano and save to your phone.

I've been messing around with google cardboard VR at the moment So thought it fun to share a spherical panorama of the old Durham cathedral interior I did when teaching one of the FXPHD courses a few years back.

So simply load it in by clicking on the above image and saving to you android phone and loading up in cardboard.  Its rather groovy.

Also its very easy to render out a spherical pano in 3DsMax. ;)  I should point out this is one of the older versions and not the final cathedral version of the interior I did  (as I cant find that at the moment).  Hence why samples etc are low.

I'm adding this test image as its freaky as hell to load up... wouldnt want to do it when drunk lol