Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Self Portrait: 'The Dark Side of the Artist'

10 inch by 12" canvas

As I was bored yesterday evening I did a quick self portrait on one of my smaller canvases I have sitting unused.  I thought it interesting to try to capture just one aspect of my personality.  I did have to change it a tiny bit this morning as I wasn't happy with its original all blood red coloring from last night. that you can see below.

prior to 'fixing' it....

So I changed some of the mid tone areas to a pinkish color and cleaned up a  few edges and it seems to work better.

You'll also notice that the paintings section has been added to the main site, the about page is now edited, changed and more up to date and all the commercial albums I have of music that are currently available are now added.  I've also changed the old ones that were already on the site so they can now be played for free via a Spotify widget. (Because lets face it... your not going to buy them lol.)