Sunday, 5 April 2015

Painting Commission and a non commission one

Commissioned by Gary Featherstone

I was asked a little while ago to do a painting for an old old friend of mine Gary Featherstone as a surprise for his other half.  I was really glad to do so as I've known Gary a loooooong time and there are more than a few occasions in the long and distant past where he stood up for me when I was in my late teens.  (Because if there is one thing guaranteed to paint a huge bloody target on your head in a small town like my home town is to be making a shit load of money as an escape artist!)  So I have a lot of time for Gary and it was nice to be able to do this painting for him and his partner. Gary's also just became a grandfather for the first time very recently so he has all my best wishes and congrats for that. :)   

The painting was done form a supplied photo as Gary currently lives and works in Holland and I really wanted this one to be 100% perfect for him.  I was very pleased with the result and I think it has some of my best quality line work and line quality to date.

Horse ad Rider (from the statue in Durham market square)
This painting is one I've been planning and meaning to do since last June.  Its of the statue in Durhams market square.  It was a very challenging piece to do due to some very complex line work that was a constant balancing act to make sure it didn't all go wrong at the last minute. So I'm very pleased both with the result and the fact I've finally got it done and over with.


I forgot to add this commission that I'm allowed to show now that was done for a member of the British army