Wednesday, 8 April 2015


On the Monday 20th of this month I am pleased to finally announce that I shall be starting work as Lead Lighting Artist at MPC Montreal working in the film dept.  This has actually been in the pipe for the last few months… I've just had to be very quiet about it ;)

What makes this special for me is that this is the 1st time I have been offered a job that I haven't had to provide a single reference or reel for, that I have got purely on my good name in 3D and visual effects and my experience,knowledge and my somewhat unique set of skills (and that I didn't get a foot in the door because someone I knew there thought I wasn't a complete dickhead lol.)  

So I shall be spending at the very least a year living and working in Montreal, as it happens just a few blocks from Autodesk.

So to all my friends in Montreal and those close by in Toronto I fully expect you all to have at least one drinkies with me ;)  I travel over a week on Saturday and look forward to meeting up with people I know over there, and meeting my new team.  

Wish me luck.

Wayne Robson...